Warning Issued To The Online Gamblers Of SA


Johannesburg – Government intends to oppose a bill trying to legalise gaming in South Africa. The bill – that DA shadow ministry of commerce and industry Geordin Hill-Lewis has submitted to Parliament – attempts to legalise gambling. The bill is expected to be sought after Parliament reopens in February. But the NGB and the data have shown that gaming is prohibited in South Africa. The department stated it intends to oppose the bill to legalise gaming in South Africa.

Moreover, participants and online gaming operators in South Africa danger facing ten-year jail sentences, R10m penalties or , as stated by the dti. “Online betting, or others refer to as distant gaming, is not permitted from South Africa, along with the National Gambling Board along with additional law enforcement agencies may behave with this illegal action with immediate impact,” stated the dti. “Online sa gaming gambling isn’t needed and the dti has increased its objection to this proposal from the Democratic Alliance to legalise online gaming,” added that the dti. The dti proceeded to state “there are lots of societal ills connected with gambling, particularly online gambling that happens in unregulated and unsupervised locations”.

“Other types of gambling which are permitted in South Africa occur under strict oversight in places which are designated for these pursuits. By clicking on this hyperlink tell us. The DA shadow ministry of commerce and business Geordin Hill-Lewis advised Fin24 he disagrees with all the dti’s”evaluation of internet gaming”. Hill-Lewis advised Fin24 that gaming is occurring in South Africa, irrespective of its illegality. The DA has argued it would be safer to legalise online gaming it can be controlled locally, generate tax revenue, that and enhance job creation.